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About Our Company

Universal Parts Inc. specializes in High Performance automotive cooling solutions. We build aluminum radiators under our Alumi-Tech brand and have a large selection of Spal electric fans and other performance cooling products for the Street and the Track. We also build custom aluminum fan and shroud assemblies for the Northern Race Pro and All Pro aluminum radiators.

Along with our cooling solutions, UPI also has a very deep lineup of direct fit UTV cab heaters. Our heaters are built right here in Iowa.

Alumi-Tech Aluminum Radiators and Shrouds

UPI is your performance partner for all of your high performance needs. We offer all custom built Alumi-Tech aluminum radiators along with all aluminum custom shrouds that are actually built to fit your automotive application. These custom built applications not only fit your vehicle, but are guaranteed to perform at the highest levels of performance. So whether you are customizing your hot rod, or getting ready for the track, we have the solution.

SPAL Fans and Accessories

UPI is one of the largest dealers for SPAL fans in the Midwest. Spal's worldwide reputation is known for its high quality and unmatched performance. Wether it be an ATV or 1200 horsepower Camaro, Spal can be trusted to keep your application cool.

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